Front Brake Disc replacement to suit OE bell & bolts


True heat tempered brake discs from Alcon are the absolute best you can buy bar none.


While other companies will forge and machine a disc, very few use the extensive heat tempering process POST machining to relieve the internal stresses on the brake rotor that Alcon does. Alcon heat treats their rotors for 24 hours after creation. This gives the rotors much more durability over time and longevity.


From experience Alcon Discs on a GT3 Cup car last nearly 3 times longer over other options on the market. This translates into false savings by using cheaper rotors. Saving 25% on a rotor that you have to replace 3x as often will cost much more money over even a few years.

For Porsche 997 GT3 Cup






Alcon Part Number: DIV2146X841S36L


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Note: These discs are handed and sold individually please see our store for opposing side


The photo may not represent actual item e.g could be of a LH disc when ordering a RH.


Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Alcon Replacement LEFT Front Brake Disc - 378x32mm