Comes as a corner set to overhaul and upgrade the front brakes of your GT3. This includes bell, disc, stainless steel bolts and bobbins and the caliper spacer to allow fitment.


Why buy Alcon? 


Alcon S grooves perform three basic functions:

-Increases initial friction between the rotors and pads, producing more “bite”

-Continuously refreshes the brake pad surface by removing debris from the pad

-Prevents build up of gas from the phenolics within the pads


Traditional slotted or drilled rotors include arrays of long, straight, or curved grooves staggered around the rotor s surface. Heat generated during braking leads to thermal distortion of the rotor, due to the incohesive friction rubbing produced by the grooves. This causes reduced pad contact and in some cases brake judder or shake. Alcon saw this, and with their breakthrough design they moved the grooves into short segments, thus continuous rotor contact area is maintained, helping to reduce thermal distortion and brake judder.


The curved form of each groove produces a longer edge than would otherwise be achieved if the grooves were straight. The grooves are also overlapped radially, which prevents grooving of the friction material and longer pad life. When compared with a blank rotor, Alcon s grooved rotor will produce greater pad wear and will also be noisier; but when compared with a cross-drilled rotor, initial bite will be similar without the thermal stress.


Porsche 996 GT3 Gen 2 - 2003 to 2005

Porsche 997 GT3 Gen 1- 2006 to 2009


362 x 225 x 32mm Disc



Alcon Part Number: DIA2146X273S36R


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The photo may not represent actual item e.g could be of a LH disc when ordering a RH.


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Porsche 996/997 GT3 Alcon Replacement RIGHT Front Brake Disc & Bell - 362x32mm