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Endless RF-650 is an ultra high performance brake fluid developed for racing use where extreme temperature stability is required. It offers excellent linear pedal feel and fast, precise braking response regardless of temperature, making it an ideal choice for racing, rallying or high performance road cars.


  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Superb linear pedal feel
  • Ultra high dry boiling point, suitable for even the most extreme braking conditions
  • Low freezing point, ideal for snow rallies
  • Provides a linear and predictable brake pedal feel
  • Proven in F1, WRC and Dakar rally vehicles


Dry Boiling Point: 328 Degrees C (622 degrees F)
Wet Boiling Point: 218 Degrees C (424 degrees F)
Freeze point: -40 Degrees C (-40 degrees F)
Supplied in 500ml bottles.

Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid

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