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SVP Motorsport Race Car Hire with Driver Coaching


SVP had a team working at Donnington Park again on the 12th May, but this was neither a race weekend nor a test session, but a track day. The team were there as support for the BMW M3 of sister company JMC Racing. This superbly turned out and immaculately prepared car was on hire to a corporate client for his friends to have some "on track" experience with an experienced driver in a saloon, before having the chance to progress into a Radical sports car. Each client guest had the chance of two or three sessions with Tom Delaney beside them in the M3 to learn a little of on track discipline and etiquette, let alone working out where to brake, accelerate, turn in, apex etc - a lot to take in for many of them who had never been on track before. As this was an open pit lane track day there was a wide range of cars on the circuit which provided a high level of high-octane excitement and interest. For anyone who has never taken part in any on track action, and who is wondering about their car's limits, or wishes to stretch their abilities as a high-performance driver, days like this are a cost-effective way of pushing the limits without endangering the driving licence. Essentially, the SVP team take care of all your needs from giving advice on timings and what the car will feel like through to delivering a track ready machine to the circuit and ensuring the fuel tank is full and that the tyres are at the appropriate pressure and to give you every chance of a true “arrive and drive” experience. One you are safely strapped into the car Tom, or another skilled member of the team, will talk you through the circuit in the pit lane before you drive out to be coached around a few laps. Then you get to come back in and have a chill and discuss what it was like, what you were surprised by etc an then you will go out again and be encouraged to push harder and see if you can take things to a higher level. Then after that session, and if the SVP team believe you are up to it, you can take the car out on your own and “fly solo” for a session.


You will get the chance to take to the track, at competition speeds alongside such legends a is pictured here – the Le Mans Porsche driven by Derek Bell, Tiff Needell and James Weaver – 962 – 200 a car which achieved two podium results during its active career and which later passed through the hands of no less an historic racer and car collector than Nick Mason, drummer with Pink Floyd. So, if you believe yourself a quick driver, and weather you want to check your talents out on track in your own Porsche, Ferrari, or BMW or if a World Touring Car Championship saloon car takes your fancy, give us a ring at SVP, we can put a package together to suit.

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