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SVP Motorsport are a whole lot more than a Porsche specialist and race and rally organisation


Whatever your passion for motor cars, be it road car or full-on competition mount, SVP’s dedicated team are able to prepare, service, restore and run whatever you have, wherever you want to be.

The on-track circuit racing season kicked off for SVP and our clients on the 15th February with a rather wet and windy CSCC run day at Donington Park. The video of this session has already been posted, but, for those thinking of dipping a toe into either motor racing or even track days without wanting or needing to do it all themselves, it is worth setting out here what SVP can offer for such a client.

We undertake a full pre-event check and preparation of the vehicle and transport it to the venue. Whilst there our technicians will discuss the driver’s needs and aims and work hard to adjust and optimise the set-up and running of the car. You will also benefit from the experience of SVP’s personnel, be it in rallying, international motor racing or simply the logistics of getting the car, spares, tyres etc to the venue.


At Donington Park we were running a BMW and a Porsche for two of our clients. Both are running in series this season and so, even with the atrocious conditions, the experiences at a the wet and windy Donington we were able to learn things about the cars, how to alter and fine tune those specific vehicles under those general conditions: it DID get dryer later in the day, so the on track time served more than to remind us all of how to do it, but also focused the team on getting the best out of both driver and car under pretty trying circumstances.

What many clients do not realise is that the level of support that SVP bring to any event is consistent and sufficient unto the needs of the client. In this specific Donington instance, this was a pre-season shake down and so a full crew was engaged: manager, tyre and engine technicians and driver installation crew. Copious notes on settings and readings were taken and then analysed and digested back at base. The drivers’ were able to pretty much “arrive and drive” although this model is easily adapted and modified to allow for more or conceivably less input from the owner or driver. These two will be taking the grid soon in their respective series.


Whatever your interest, be it historic FIA sanctioned motor racing or modern sports or super car track day fun, SVP have the answer in either an off the peg version or a bespoke package to suit what you are wanting to achieve or match up to your budget. If you like the look of this and the sound of the opportunities to get on track in your car and explore what it REALLY can do, without jeopardising your licence, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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