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Porsche Cayman SV by SVP: Unleashing the beast- The Cayman SV.2 available now!

In recent years, the used Porsche market has witnessed substantial transformations, predominantly driven by the soaring values of air-cooled models. Consequently, classic Porsche models such as the 3.2 Carreras and SCs, once affordable and readily accessible, have become increasingly scarce and exorbitant. With this surge in value, owners tend to preserve the originality of their vehicles. However, for those seeking heightened performance and exhilarating driving experiences on a realistic budget, the 987 Cayman emerges as an enticing option.

Since its inception, the Cayman has been a favourite among modifiers. Its visually appealing mid-engined design offers a lightweight yet sturdy platform, bestowing advantages over its rear-engined counterpart, the 911. Enthusiasts with a penchant for tuning have eagerly embraced the opportunity to unlock the Cayman's potential, leading to a multitude of modifications and performance upgrades. One prominent figure in the Cayman modification scene is SVP (Sports Vehicle Performance) in the UK. SVP's Cayman 'SV' stands as an exemplary testament to the possibilities and advancements in Cayman modifications.


The Cayman has become the machine of choice for enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance and a thrill-inducing driving experience. With a range of power upgrades available, from tuned 3.4-liter engines generating 370bhp to monstrous 3.9-liter beasts boasting 400+bhp, along with Turbo and Supercharged options, the Cayman has undeniably established itself as a formidable contender in the realm of modified sports cars. In this blog post, we shall delve into the awe-inspiring capabilities of the Cayman SV.

SVP's Cayman SV transcends the realm of ordinary Porsche modifications. It surpasses basic upgrades like remaps and different wheels. Engineered for competition, the SV boasts a fully adjustable KW suspension setup, a limited-slip differential, SVP's custom solid single-mass flywheel, lightweight wheels, a composite rear hatch, and an exclusive custom exhaust system. While still propelled by a 3.4-liter engine, the SV undergoes significant modifications, including an 82mm throttle body and a new ECU supplied by Life Racing. These enhancements, combined with a weight reduction of 150kg compared to a standard Cayman S, promise an exhilarating driving experience.

The modifications result in a firmer ride and improved cornering capabilities. The reduced weight and increased power offer a more spirited driving encounter than the standard Cayman S. The SV's exhaust system stands out, emanating a thunderous roar that commands attention. The engine's ferocity and responsiveness create a genuinely thrilling experience, with revs ascending and descending without hesitation. The SV's aggressive tuning results in a significantly more potent car than its stock counterpart, delivering blistering acceleration and an engine noise symphony reminiscent of old-fashioned rally cars.

With over 19 SV.1 units sold, the next iteration, the Cayman SV.2, has arrived, this time utilizing the 987.2 platform and harnessing the brilliance of the PDK gearbox. The Gen 2 Demo car nears completion, currently showcasing all of the original SV upgrades, while harbouring a few additional tricks up its sleeve, including further aerodynamic enhancements and gearbox development work.


The Cayman SV has consistently aspired to be the ultimate all-rounder, offering a vehicle that effortlessly transports you 150 miles to the track, provides a day of exhilarating performance, and then escorts you back home in comfort. Striking a delicate balance between comfort and performance is crucial in achieving this objective. Building upon the groundwork laid by the SV.1, the 987.2 platform takes it a step further. With advancements like direct fuel injection (DFI) and the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) powertrain pairing, the 987.2 enhances fuel efficiency, delivers more power as standard, improves driveability in traffic, and provides faster gear shifts on the track.

The facelift interior of the 987.2 truly elevates the overall package. It incorporates updated technology and features, such as an improved infotainment system with a larger touchscreen display, enhanced connectivity options, and advanced audio systems. It also benefits from many ergonomic enhancements, as Porsche refines the placement of controls and switches, making them more intuitive and user-friendly, thereby ensuring a more pleasant journey. When combined, all of these elements converge to create the epitome of a perfect all-rounder.


SVP are currently taking bookings for the SV package, available for both the 987.1 (SV.1) and 987.2 (SV.2) models. Contact us for pricing details, the kit can be customised and added to your car gradually, allowing you the freedom to choose how far you want to ascend the SV ladder. Whether you prefer to enhance your car with just the SV suspension upgrades or go all the way to a full kit or even a formidable 3.9-liter track weapon, packages are tailored to suit you, the decision is yours with how far you take it.


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