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New Product Launch! Alcon Brakes for Toyota Yaris GR


Are your Toyota Yaris GR front brake discs warped already?

Well good news! A new Alcon Brakes Product is about to hit the market which will solve all your braking problems when using these cars on track.

As official Alcon distributors for Europe, we are pleased to announce an Alcon two piece front brake disc for the Toyota Yaris GR.

This kit comprises of:

Two piece disc kit (Disc & Bell) complete with Alcons Bobbin Drive System

The advantages of this kit over the OEM are immense. The main advantage being it eliminates the poor cooling issues of the standard set up, which is proving to be an issue on these cars with track use.

As well as all the usual Alcon performance upgrades when you need more discs further down the line you would only need to replace the disc not the bell/hat.


To summarise, a huge upgrade over the OEM part, priced just marginally over the OEM set. What's not to love!

This kit is exclusively available from us here at SVP Motorsport and shipping on these will commence late November.

Available to order from us via this link:

01386 793138


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