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A Christmas Car Story - Porsche 997: New Rear Springs


A long standing customer rang us on Monday when a rear spring failed on their 997 – they knew it was a big ask in the Christmas week but could we help them?


Whilst we’re busy year round with competition, project and restoration cars this type of work does give us some flexibility. It also means that we have our own trailers, tow vehicles and staff with the experience to safely use them…


So a quick call to our local Porsche Centre parts team and we were in luck – they had the right springs on the shelf – OK they weren’t wrapped by Santa but being able to pick them up straight away was a gift.


We trailered our customer’s 997 to the workshop and carefully loaded it onto one of the ramps. The new rear springs were installed and the suspension checked over. We also fixed a “bonnet bang on the head” problem with new gas struts.

23 hours after their initial call our customer’s car was repaired, tested and back with them ready for Christmas.


We won’t always be this lucky with parts supply and we may not be able to immediately find ramp space – but whether it’s routine maintenance or a repair please just call us and ask –– if we can find a way to help you we will.

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